Tori Spelling Is Suing Benihana For Slip And Fall Accident

Tori Spelling Is Suing Benihana For Slip And Fall Accident

Tori Spelling went to Benihana for a good meal, but what she got was not what she expected. A trip to the restaurant in Encino, California ended badly. Spelling was reportedly getting up from her to seat to leave from the restaurant and tripped in the process. She fell backward onto a hot hibachi grill. Sources report that you could see that she was in a lot of pain. However, she remained calm for her children.

One eye witness stated:

“She got up to leave and tripped, falling backwards on to a scorching hot grill. She shouted out in pain from a large burn on the back of her right arm. You could tell she was hurting, but she was trying to put on a brave face for the sake of her four young children who were quite obviously worried. Dean looked upset too, but you could tell they were doing their best to stay calm and not alarm the children.”

The next day Tori went to see her doctor and they referred her to Grossman Burn Center. It was determined that she had second and third degree burns on her arm.

Fans on her Instagram have been expressing concern about the personal injury after seeing various pictures of Tori wearing a wrap around her lower right arm. The wrap is covering a red splotch that will permanently stay on Tori’s arm.

Now the actress is stating she has “suffered general damage, medical expenses, and loss wages.” Tori is suing the Benihana Corporation and not the specific Encino locations for her slip and fall accident.

It is still unknown whether the Benihana Corporation is responsible for her personal injury.

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