Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Homeowners insurance, car insurance, medical insurance … These are all examples of protection you can rely upon following an unforeseen event, like a roof-damaging storm, a rush-hour car accident, or an unexpected illness or injury. Or, can you?

You may find yourself fighting with your insurance company to obtain the benefits promised under your coverage. Insurance companies sometimes deny valid claims, delay payment, or even make unreasonable demands before providing relief. This experience may have left you feeling abandoned by the company you paid to protect you in this type of situation.

In Florida, insurance companies are held to a required set of ethical standards as defined by the 69B-220.201. Ethical Requirements. The s 69B-220.201. Ethical Requirements help to ensure insurance companies comply with their promised coverage and pay what you deserve.

You are not alone in this fight—contact John Bales Attorneys today for a free consultation. Our experienced insurance lawyers can help protect your legal rights to get the compensation you are owed for your claim.

Let John Bales Attorneys Take on the Powerful Insurance Companies

Despite the premium you pay, your claim affects the insurance company’s bottom line. Terms of coverage are often specific and can be difficult to understand. Insurance companies sometimes deny or delay coverage—or make seemingly unreasonable demands before paying you the money you are owed.

John Bales Attorneys has experience obtaining favorable resolution and compensation in a variety of insurance claim disputes:



Before you sign an insurance company document or miss an important filing deadline, call John Bales Attorneys. Our insurance dispute lawyers understand the ins and outs of the auto insurance business; and can help you understand where coverage may be available to you.


It can be difficult to obtain payment of disability insurance benefits—even if you believe you have clearly become disabled. We will research your policy, explain what compensation may be available to you, represent your interests in benefit disputes, and even pursue legal action in the courtroom.


Your insurance claim can be denied for a simple mistake in completing or submitting paperwork. Our knowledgeable legal staff can decode the complex health insurance policy guidelines, explain any available recourse, and guide you through the claims process.


Following a natural disaster or vandalism, your home may require potentially expensive, necessary repairs. However, getting the insurance company to pay your claim can be difficult at best—or even seemingly impossible. With our knowledge and resources, we can take the frustration out of the process and help resolve your insurance dispute.


When a loved one passes, the loss can devastate a family—emotionally and financially. The fact is, your loved one held a life insurance policy to provide for his or her survivors. [Sentence left intact] So when an insurance company disputes your ability to collect benefits, our insurance dispute attorneys can help you collect the compensation that your loved one intended you to receive.


Mold damage—common in Florida’s humid climate—can lead to a variety of health issues if not quickly eliminated. However, remediation and repair can be expensive; and may not be covered under your home insurance policy. Our experienced insurance dispute attorneys can determine your eligibility to file a mold claim and will guide you through the claims process.


Florida’s large, underground limestone formations often cause sinkholes. Our sinkhole claims attorneys understand the state’s unique geology—and will fight to protect your legal rights after a sinkhole damages your property.


Unfortunately, we have no control of the weather. And by its very nature, severe weather is unpredictable, and the damage it can cause to personal property is often catastrophic. It can be extremely frustrating and taxing to deal with the results of a particularly nasty storm or another naturally occurring event, but dealing with your insurance company can easily take your stress level to new heights.


When your Property or Home get damaged due to Water Damage the last thing you want to think about is how you will pay for any damages and replace your possessions. Sadly, insurance companies will often not live up to their obligations. This is where we at John Bales Attorneys can help you.

Don’t try to fight the mighty insurance company on your own—contact John Bales Attorneys today for a free consultation. We have represented insurance claimants throughout Florida; and have the legal knowledge and resources to help you get the compensation you are owed for your damages.

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If you need help from an insurance attorney—or are in the midst of an insurance dispute—contact John Bales Attorneys today. Our insurance lawyers are ready to fight for you and to help get you the resolution you deserve.

The insurance attorneys of John Bales Attorneys are skilled at dealing with insurance companies, and have the legal knowledge and firm resources to help them resolve your insurance dispute.

With John Bales Attorneys, you can feel confident supported by an experienced and compassionate law firm. We will keep you up to date throughout the entire process, and will do our best to answer any questions you may have along the way.

If you need an experienced insurance lawyers, contact us today so we can begin working on your claim and you can get on with living.

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