Birth Injury

Birth injury

A medical professional’s negligence during your child’s delivery can leave your family with serious injuries requiring expensive medical treatment. John Bales Attorneys can help. Our birth defect and child injury lawyers know you want the best possible care for your child. We will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable so you can get the compensation you deserve to help cover your child’s medical bills for much needed treatment and for pain and suffering.

We want to protect your family’s legal rights if your child suffered a birth injury or was born with a birth defect that could have been prevented. Our legal professionals will do everything we can to answer your questions and keep you informed while we work on your claim. We are available to take your call anytime—just dial (800) 225-5564 or complete a free initial consultation form.

Investigating Your Birth Injury Claim

If you believe someone else’s negligence caused your child’s birth defect, a birth injury lawyer with John Bales Attorneys can investigate your claim, including:

  • Actions and recommendations of your treating physicians.
  • Prescription medications you were prescribed during your pregnancy.
  • Medical records from healthcare facilities where you delivered your child or were treated during pregnancy.

If your child’s birth injury was caused by preventable complications—such as failure to run tests, a misdiagnosis, or medical malpractice during delivery—we are here to gather the evidence needed to build a strong claim.

Common Birth Defects & Injuries

Birth injuries can occur before, during, or after delivery. Many of the most common birth injuries can cause lifelong physical and emotional trauma. Some of these injuries include:

Cerebral Palsy

The severe physical and developmental disabilities caused by cerebral palsy—such as tremors, seizure, and difficulty speaking—are the result of brain and nervous system disorders that can occur in premature or early infants after suffering:

  • Brain bleeding or infections
  • Head injuries
  • In-utero exposure to mothers’ infections
  • Lack of oxygen during delivery

Erb’s Palsy (Brachial Palsy)

The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves surrounding the shoulders. When these nerves are stretched during delivery, it can result in a condition called brachial palsy, often referred to as Erb’s palsy. Symptoms can include lack of movement in a child’s arms or a lack of grip or moro-reflex (startle response) on the affected side of a child’s body.

Uterine Rupture

When the wall of the uterus tears during childbirth, it can be fatal for both the mother and child. Uterine rupture often occurs during the initial stages of labor, but it can be prevented with constant monitoring by medical professionals.

You should not have to pay for an injury that could have been prevented. It is our job to fight for your family’s best interests and help you get the full amount of compensation you deserve for your child’s medical bills, future treatment, and pain and suffering.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

At John Bales Attorneys, we understand the emotional and financial stress a birth defect caused by someone else’s negligence can place on you and your family. We are here to get your case resolved quickly so you can focus on your family. Contact our legal staff today to get the personalized help you deserve.