Teen Car Accidents Are The Number One Killer Of Teens In Florida

Teen Car Accidents Are The Number One Killer Of Teens In Florida

Even if Florida is heading in the good direction (the number of teens who died in traffic crashes dropped 21 percent between 2008 and 2009), teenagers (15 to 19 years old) still have the highest car accident rate of any age group in Florida.

On the 235,778 traffic crashes that happened in Florida in 2009, 29,485 were teen crashes.

  • 80 of them were killed while being behind the wheel.
  • 73 died as passengers, victims of a car accident.

But behind the statistics and the numbers are 153 families that were torn apart and left helpless.

We are talking about all those parents who had to endure the tragedy of losing a child. Siblings who lost their brothers and sisters. Entire families that were violently amputated.

A car accident is something you never want to be involved in, whether you were in the automobile during the crash or not. Losing a child to a car accident is seeing your whole life ahead of you die too.

It is the source of an unspeakable sorrow and frustration, especially when the cause of death is preventable like teen car accidents. Parents and survivors are left traumatized and incapacitated by grief. Those that try to remain strong and solid for the sake of their life partner and loved ones tend to suffer more and cope least well.

Facing such a situation, the last thing you want to do is being given the responsibility of investigating and litigating the case of your teenage driver car accident.

When teenagers suffer a serious injury due to an auto accident, it is beyond difficult for their family to deal with. When the car accident is a fatal crash, it is extremely painful for the parents and the other family members.

Most of the time, an auto accident involving teenagers also involve their friends who were just passengers, and the families of those friends. Lost in the oblivious haze of youth, we feel invincible. Like millions of people do, we wrongly assume nothing would ever touch us.

If your teenager was involved in a car accident, whether as driver or passenger, our lawyers in Tampa, and St. Petersburg, or Clearwater know exactly what to do. When your kid experiences a car accident with some of his friends as passengers, it is essential to react wisely. Dealing effectively with the parents of such victims is not an easy process. It requires a special understanding, and the ability of a law expert.

This situation requires immediate litigation, combined with strategic diplomacy, so you can achieve the best legal results possible and move on with your life.

Our attorneys will guide you through the legal process involved. If you or your teenager have been involved in an auto accident in St Petersburg, Clearwater or anywhere else in Florida, our experienced car accident attorneys will work with you to spare you additional stress.

Our Tampa and St. Petersburg lawyers offer a custom-made service to car accident victims in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and throughout Florida.

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