Stop Road Rage

Stop Road Rage

After a recent deadly road rage incident in Tampa, some residents may be wondering what they can do to curb road rage. In order to make our roads safer, there are two ways to approach the situation: being mindful of our own aggressive driving behaviors and recognizing other’s aggressive driving behaviors.

Are You an Aggressive Driver?

One way to curb road rage is to take note of your own driving behaviors. If you find you frequently participate in some aggressive driving behaviors or behaviors that may anger other drivers, do your best to correct them. Doing so could save your life by decreasing your accident risk.

The most common aggressive driving behaviors include:

  • Cutting off a driver
  • Tailgating
  • Driving slowly (particularly in the left lane)
  • Angry gesturing
  • Honking

To effectively remove these behaviors from your driving repertoire, pay attention and focus on what you are doing at any given moment. Give yourself goals such as staying at least two car lengths behind the driver in front of you on the highway. If you find you are constantly stressed and angry as you drive to work through traffic, give yourself extra time so you don’t feel the need to weave through traffic.

Identifying your aggressive driving behaviors can be difficult, but it can save you headaches in the long run and make you a better, safer driver in the process.

In addition to aggressive behaviors, consider other driving behaviors that may anger others. Failing to signal lane changes, driving while distracted, and keeping your high beams on can inconvenience and anger other drivers, as well as create an unsafe driving environment. Be mindful and focus on the task at hand.

Recognizing Road Rage Waiting to Happen

The same aggressive driving behaviors previously mentioned can be signs of an aggressive driver who may escalate an encounter into a road rage situation. It’s important to de-escalate these encounters and get yourself safely out of harm’s way.

If a driver is making you uncomfortable because they are gesturing at you, tailgating you, or exhibiting other aggressive behaviors, don’t make eye contact. If they are trying to pass you, let them pass. Don’t engage the other driver in any way, just do your best to stay out of their way.

If you believe you are being followed, drive to a public place such as a police station, hospital, or store and call for help. Don’t get out of your car and never pull over to the side of the road to talk things out.

Injured in a Road Rage Incident? Call a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

Road rage incidents are scary and can feel like they’re happening for no good reason. Enraged motorists may attempt to harm another motorist with their car, by assaulting them, or with a weapon. If you or a loved one was unable to avoid a dangerous aggressive driver and have been seriously injured, consulting with a Tampa personal injury lawyer can provide you with legal options.

Personal injury lawyers strive to seek compensation for their clients to cover expenses caused by another party. This can include medical bills, costs of future medical care, lost wages, costs to repair property damage, and pain and suffering.

Road rage incidents can lead to a variety of issues, including death. If you’re dealing with expenses because of someone else’s road rage, speak with a Tampa personal injury lawyer and learn more about how they can help you.

Road rage is a serious offense and can lead to grave injuries that require expensive medical care. You shouldn’t be left with the bills. Call a Tampa personal injury lawyer today.