Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater and Jacksonville: The Most Dangerous Places For Pedestrians

Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater and Jacksonville: The Most Dangerous Places For Pedestrians

It is well-known that Florida is one of the most dangerous place for pedestrians. In fact, the Sunshine State is the deadliest state in all the South, before Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina and Georgia.

Sunbelt communities, which were essentially developed in the post-war period, seem to hang on to the sad prize of the most dangerous places to walk.

“According to the Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI); Orlando, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Miami, Memphis, Birmingham, Houston, Atlanta and Charlotte are the bad pupils.”

Most Dangerous Place for Pedestrians by Design

We can easily explain this bad reputation if we look a little bit closer to the way those cities were built. Indeed, these areas developed extremely rapidly. The many low-density neighborhoods became overly dependent on the numerous extra wide, fast major roads which were connecting homes, schools, work places and shops. Such arterial roads rarely take the facilities needed for safe travel by foot into account.

In other words, these cities are dangerous to pedestrians because they were never designed and built for them.

Orlando even ranks first when it comes to the places where people get run over in the United States.

What To Do If You Are Hit By A Car

Just like anyone else, we believe that nothing we see on the television or read on the Internet and in the newspapers will ever happen to us. And like countless people before us, we are wrong.

If you are ever involved in such a frightening situation, you should know how to react, whether it happens to you or someone else.

First, try to stay calm. You might be overwhelmed with emotions, understandably. But releasing your anger and frustration on the driver won’t help you in any way. If you are able to, move to the side of the road.

Remember, just seconds after the crash, you are more likely to be in a situation of shock. Yes, adrenaline is a great thing, but in this particular moment, it might be detrimental. In fact, you might feel like you are OK. A lot of people who were hit by a car even apologize for the accident. This is because the adrenaline is masking the actual intensity of your pain.

Do not let the driver go without having his or her personal info. You might regret later the not-so-appropriate “I’m ok, do not worry about that”. Yes, you’d like to be anywhere else right now. You wish nothing happened on your way to work today, but acting like nothing happened will definitely not help. Ask the driver to stay, and potential witnesses too. If this is not already done, call the police and wait for them on the scene of the accident.

Make sure you receive the necessary medical assistance as soon as possible so you know exactly where you stand. Well-documented medical info might be really useful when it comes to an insurance claim.

Remember, It Is Not Easy To Deal With Everything All By Yourself

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