Murrells Inlet, SC is a Nature Wonder World

In between the many fun things to see and do in Murrells Inlet, interacting with nature will surely give you the much-needed thrill. From fauna to flora, Murrells Inlet has awe-inspiring setups to come face to face with nature. Information can be found here.

Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens is a striking garden filled with iconic sculptures and a dedicated wildlife preserve. It was founded by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington in 1931. The garden is listed in the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. This 9100 acre (3682.6 hectares) garden is a visual treat to its visitors for its themed displays. You can stroll in the middle of the attractive flowers, trees, and exotic wildlife to get astounded by the magnificence of nature. They also organize several tours, programs, exhibitions, and exciting events to amuse the guests. See here for information about Murrells Inlet, SC is an Entertainment Den.

Lowcountry Zoo

Lowcountry Zoo is located in the Brookgreen Garden, which includes local animals in the natural landscape backdrop. The native animals that live in the swamps, woods, and waters are exhibited here very closely to excite the visitors. The animals sheltered here cannot live in the wild since they were either in captivity or ill due to some injury. They offer a 50-minute tour with snacks and impart knowledge about the wildlife here. This tour includes free garden entry. Visitors above the age of 12 can also spend a day with the zookeeper to learn about the animals in this zoo.