Is it Covered by My Insurance?

Is it Covered by My Insurance?

Most of us have asked someone, “But is it covered by my insurance?” Whether in regards to a medical procedure, a home repair, or an automobile accident. Sometimes, we even ask before signing up for insurance, trying to better understand what our coverage is and ensure that we’re protected when the worst happens. And while you may hear an initial “yes”, it isn’t always the case.

Claims get denied. It’s an insurance fact. Sometimes, it may seem like there’s no reason, which can make the whole ordeal even more confusing. So, what happens when an insurance company fails to pay?

What is an Insurance Dispute?

Sometimes an insurance company denies a valid claim. Whether it’s through a clerical mistake or a policy of claim denials, a denied claim has consequences and can lead to exorbitant medical fees, car or home repairs, or more. These denials can also make claimants feel insignificant. After all, the large company with deep pockets is saying your claim shouldn’t be paid out. Some people may quit trying to get their claim approved and attempt to pay their bills out of their own pocket.

The term “dispute” can make an insurance dispute sound like it’s a small argument that might be cleared up. In truth, it is more an attempt at trying to get an insurer to pay out as agreed to, something they may have already failed or declined to do. It’s a big task—something that not everyone is up to and certainly something that no one should have to handle alone.

Who Can Handle an Insurance Dispute?

Your insurer will generally expect you or an agent on your behalf to forward certain documents regarding your claim. For example, a billing agent at your doctor’s office will need to send a claim in and sometimes medical records in order to receive payment for services. If the claim is denied, you may then receive a bill from your doctor expecting full payment—even if the treatment was believed to or should have been covered by your insurance.

For an auto accident, you may need to send medical records in addition to a police report. A homeowner’s claim may require an audit or contractor’s repair quote and photographs.

While you may be required to send in particular forms, records, and photographs in regards to your insurance claim, there may come a point where it seems like your insurer is asking for too much, or they may deny your claim outright without a good reason. If that occurs, it is important to speak with a Tampa insurance dispute lawyer. Having a knowledgeable Tampa personal injury lawyer help you fight your insurance claim can provide you with necessary support and information so you aren’t left fighting a powerful company by yourself.

Meeting With a Tampa Insurance Dispute Lawyer

When you feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope dealing with an insurer that fails to pay out or keeps creating new obstacles for you to jump through, speaking to a Tampa insurance dispute lawyer can help you investigate legal options that may remedy the situation.

A Tampa insurance dispute lawyer can help you receive the benefits owed to you from your auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or medical insurance, among others. When you’re facing bills that should’ve been covered by your insurance provider, you have options.

Even if you’re just applying for insurance, a Tampa insurance lawyer can help you better understand the policy or assist in the application process for social security disability insurance. Consult with a Tampa insurance dispute lawyer today to learn more.