Here’s What To Do Before Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Here’s What To Do Before Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are countless reasons why you might decide to hire a personal injury lawyer. Whether you’ve been injured physically, psychologically or emotionally, one of our attorneys in Tampa will help you with any claim and provide you the legal representation you deserve and need.

You’ve been injured and you deserve a compensation. But the whole process of your personal injury matter starts before even meeting with your personal injury lawyer. Indeed, preparing to meet with one of our specialized attorneys will help you get back on your feet and save money.

Written documentation of your injury and damages is particularly important with personal injury matters. Even if a personal injury lawyer doesn’t ask for documentation beforehand, it’s still a good thing to bring a copy of any document you think might be relevant to your situation. You are facing difficult times and your personal injury lawyer will help you go through this so you can have your life back. Just like any important meeting, you certainly want to prepare for it.

Feel free to use the following basic checklist:

  • Copies of police reports or accident reports detailing your injury
  • Copies of hospital, doctor and therapy records
  • Bills from medical care providers
  • Information regarding insurance coverage of your medical bills
  • Reports from doctors regarding your diagnosis and prognosis
  • Information about anticipated future medical costs
  • Information regarding work you missed as a result of your injury
  • A listing of all the ways your life has been affected by your injury
  • A calendar, with all the important dates (date of injury, dates of surgery or other treatment and so forth)
  • A description of any interaction with insurance companies
  • Copies of correspondence with insurance companies
  • Copies of any claims already filed with your employer or an insurance company

Your attorney is to be seen as your ally. Thus, there should be no place for embarrassment between you and him/her. Indeed, and in theory, no question is too silly to ask.

You might be overwhelmed by the situation which brought you here, know it is absolutely normal. But our team of attorneys in Tampa have been dealing with personal injury cases for years.


Relax and maximize your chances to feel confident for the first meeting. Prepare a list of questions.

Some questions you might ask a personal injury lawyer would include, for example:

  • Does the personal injury lawyer usually represent injured people or defendants?
  • What problems does the personal injury lawyer foresee with your case?
  • What are your options?
  • How would the personal injury lawyer go about handling your situation? What is the process?
  • How long should it take to bring the matter to a conclusion?
  • What types of experts would the personal injury lawyer use to prove your case?
  • Is there a time limit (called a “statute of limitations”) by which you must settle the case or file a lawsuit?

Let us help. If you or a loved one have been injured or hurt in any way, you may be owed a compensation. John Bales Attorneys represent victims in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

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