Dealing With the Insurance Company After a Car or Truck Accident

Dealing With the Insurance Company After a Car or Truck Accident


The insurance companies are not on your side. They are in business to make a profit, and they make a profit by settling accident claims cheaply. The less they pay you, the more money they might save. For that reason, resolving an insurance claim without legal advice can be very risky. The system is stacked against people who are not represented by a car or truck accident lawyer. Insurance companies have their own lawyers and well-trained adjusters who are familiar with the system and how to work it to their advantage. They are in business to make money, and they do this by paying you as little as possible or nothing at all — even if that is substantially less than the value of your claim.

Insurance Company Hassles

Are you tired of hassles with the insurance company? If you’re not being treated fairly, call us. We will explain how you can show them you mean business. Do not take chances with your case. Do not let the insurance company give you the runaround.

Wait-and-See Strategy — Big Mistake?

A lot of injured people delay getting legal help, hoping that the insurance company will give them the settlement they deserve. Unfortunately, waiting to see what the insurance company will do can be a big mistake. The insurance companies may use your wait-and-see strategy against you. They may wait and wait and wait and wait until a time when you really need your money, and then offer you less than you expect — sometimes far less.

Remember, insurance companies want to make a big profit for their shareholders. Insurance adjusters are really not interested in giving you a big check — it is their job to save money for their companies.

You Versus the Insurance Company

“I especially liked the beginner’s packet at our first conference. I was told what to expect and what not to expect. I feel that my attorney fought very hard for a decent settlement. I find this firm to be courteous, friendly, kind and knowledgeable and trustful. I like the way they kept me informed on my case and answered all my questions. You are doing everything right. Stay on track.”
Shirley B., Greensboro, NC

The insurance companies have many potential advantages — hundreds of lawyers, millions of dollars — and let’s face it: They are not suffering the pain and financial loss that you have. They are not under the extreme personal pressure that you are. They have the time and energy to out-wait you or out-maneuver you. Furthermore, if insurance adjusters have a question about their legal rights, they simply pick up the phone and call one of the company’s lawyers. Most of us don’t have that kind of luxury. Who do you call about your legal rights? You can call our office — free of charge — and find out what your legal rights are. We’ll be glad to talk with you, without obligation.

What Insurance Companies May Not Want You to Know

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit — and one way they can increase profits is by settling claims for low dollar amounts. In fact, insurance adjusters may make their supervisors happy if they can settle your case for pennies on the dollar. If the insurance company can talk you into taking less than you deserve, they can further increase their already big profits.

You Deserve a Fair Settlement

Do not let the insurance company give you less than what is fair — call us. We are injury lawyers; that is all we do. We have successfully settled thousands of cases. We do it one case at a time. We investigate the claim, know the law, follow the correct procedures and stand our ground when we have to in order to get a fair settlement.

The tragic thing is that lots of people do not get the fair treatment they deserve. They trust insurance companies to treat them fairly, out of basic decency or because they’ve faithfully paid their premiums for years, but the insurance company is not always worthy of your trust. Insurance companies want to pay you no more than they have to for your claim. The less they pay you, the more money they can save.

Now It Gets Interesting

Being injured in an accident can be a terrible experience. A wise man once said, “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” How true that statement is. If you have never dealt with an insurance company before, how will you know whether you are being treated fairly? When you have been hurt in an accident that is not your fault, choosing a competent law firm may be as important as choosing a good doctor to treat your injuries!

Where Do You Go from Here?

Why do you need a lawyer to help you with your claim? Well, the truth is, you may not need a lawyer. After talking with you — for free — about your case, we’ll tell you honestly whether we think you really need a lawyer. But consider this: Would it be helpful to know the rules on what injuries you can collect money for in personal injury cases? What about the Rules of Evidence? The Rules of Procedure? And what about how to present the case to a jury?

If you do decide you need a lawyer, selecting one can still be difficult. There are so many lawyers! How do you know if the law firm you choose is going to be competent, aggressive and right for you? Let John Bales Attorneys help you by representing your accident claim!