Buzzed Driving is Still Drunk Driving and Other DUI Facts

Buzzed Driving is Still Drunk Driving and Other DUI Facts

Back to school sales can only mean one thing: summer is drawing to a close. Even as we approach the start of another school year, there is still plenty of time for some more summer fun and even that end of summer bash—labor day. As teens prepare to hit the books again, it may be a good idea to discuss drinking and driving.

While 21 remains the legal drinking limit, teens have a tendency to push the boundaries. Parents have to walk a fine line between letting them know they should not drink and making sure they’re comfortable calling home to ask for a ride if they or their friends do.

Having an honest discussion about the dangers of drinking and driving can have a sobering effect. And it’s a good idea to talk about it more than once. (Even though they’ll be sure to respond in their best teen voice, “I knoooooow.”)

So, parents, talk to your kids or print out the following DUI facts for teens and make sure they know how important it is that they have fun responsibly. After all, they have their whole lives ahead of them.

DUI Facts for Teens

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You may have heard the term “buzzed” and while some people will use it to say they aren’t drunk (No, I’m just buzzed), the truth is, buzzed driving is drunk driving. That “buzzed” feeling, where you may be more relaxed or just content, also means you’re reflexes and judgement are impaired. While it may not feel like you’ve had too much to drink, you have had too much to be behind the wheel.

You may think that a BAC below .08 is legal—but that’s only for those 21 or over (i.e. those who can drink legally). A BAC of just .02 or more is considered a DUI for a teen.

When you received your Florida driver’s license, you signed a sort of contract with the state. Essentially, a police officer that suspects you may be driving drunk can pull you over administer a breathalyzer test. This is called implied consent—i.e. by getting a driver’s license, you’ve implicitly agreed to be tested. Refusing to take a breathalyzer can result in penalties and cost you your license.

If you’re driving back home after a party or late night movie, make sure to keep an eye out for cars that are moving erratically—they could be a sign of a drunk driver. Whether they are zig-zagging, accelerating and decelerating too fast, or driving without their lights, stay clear. Here are some more tips on how to spot a drunk driver and what to do.

Remember, driving is a privilege. Don’t jeopardize your future by driving drunk or getting in a car with a drunk driver. Call a trusted adult to pick you up and get home safely.