A Walk Down a Tampa Street: Postcard Mural

In Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Postcard Mural is a project that celebrates Tampa’s arts and culture. It was initially funded by the Tampa Downtown Partnership and started in 2010 to create an urban postcard. The idea behind it is to create murals that will stay true to Tampa’s history while also showcasing its future. This mural has been attracting people from all over Tampa for years because of how beautiful it looks. Visit this link for more information.

The artwork is a postcard showing Tampa’s skyline and riverfront areas painted on an exterior wall at 1204 N Franklin Street in downtown Tampa. This section was completed by 2012 when this photo was taken.  The Tampa Postcard Mural was painted by artist David A. “DA” Lee in 1999, and the Tampa Riverwalk is a pedestrian walkway along Tampa’s downtown waterfront on Ashley Drive between Kennedy Boulevard and Zack Street. A stylized version of the Tampa Bay Hotel with its iconic dome can be seen at the top center of this mural and several sailing vessels from long ago. The original building which held this business has been torn down, but now condos are being built where it once stood. An exciting mix of architectural styles here includes neoclassical columns representing Greek Revival architecture, Victorian-era bay windows, Modernist towers similar to those found throughout New York City during the midcentury decades, and Art Deco elements. Read about Ybor City Museum State Park: A Unique Florida Attraction here.