Types of Auto Accident Claims

Have you or a loved one have ever been injured in an auto accident? Most of us will answer yes. Studies show you are likely to file a claim for an auto accident every few years. Bodily injury claims are a formal request to insurance companies asking for compensation for money damages related to your auto accident case. Understanding the types of auto accident claims and the process is vital to maximizing your financial recovery related to the accident.

types of auto accident claims

Types of Auto Accident Claims

In an auto accident case there will be three legal claims related to the crash:

  1. Property Damage (PD) claim – The Property Damage claim is related to repairing or replacing your car damaged in the auto accident.
  2. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claim – PIP auto insurance coverage pays for your medical bills related to the auto accident. Depending on yourbodily injury claim PIP Auto Insurance Coverage, PIP may pay up to 80% of your medicals bills related to the crash. What is covered under your Personal Injury Protection auto insurance?
  3. Bodily Injury (BI) Claim – John Bales Attorneys represent people injured in auto accidents for their Bodily Injury claims. The Bodily Injury claim provides compensation for your damages related to the auto accident. Allow John Bales Attorneys to represent you in regards to you Bodily Injury claim.


Have you or someone that you know recently been involved in an automobile accident? If so, John Bales Attorneys can help you pursue and protect your legal rights. We are ready to answer any questions you have about types of auto accident claims and related insurance claims. Keep checking back on our blog for essential information or contact us now for a free no obligation consultation about your accident.