Case Evidence and Documentation: What You Need

Making sure you have all the evidence needed to state your claim is vital. Examples of important evidence in your case include documents and records relating to your injuries and pains.  If you have not already done so, you should immediately provide a copy of any and all records and documents concerning your case that are in your possession, custody or control.

Case Evidence and documentation

Ask your medical providers for a copy of your records and provide those records as well. This information is important in all efforts to be successful in your case.  Also provide any information or documentation that relates to the following or anything else you believe are relevant to your case:

  1. Injuries you suffered from the accident.
  2. Names of all medical providers with which you treated for injuries related to the accident.
  3. Treatment provided by that medical provider for injuries related to the accident.
  4. Treatment by medical providers that was not related to our accident.
  5. Complete history of any prior incidents (accidents), injuries, underlying medical conditions that pre-existed this incident or were worsened by this incident.

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