Sharing the Road with Big Trucks

Hurt by a Tractor-Trailer? Call John Bales Attorneys.

Driving near a tractor-trailer can be stressful. Because of their size, tractor-trailers are more difficult to stop over short distances—and trucks may even drift into your lane if drivers cannot see you. At John Bales Attorneys, our tractor-trailer accident lawyers know that sharing the road with tractor-trailers can sometimes be frightening, but if you follow a few simple tips, you can stay safe on the road.

Avoiding No-Zones

A tractor-trailer has blind spots that limit the truck driver’s degree of visibility. However, these blind spots in big trucks are much larger than they are in other cars. For tractor-trailers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calls these “No-Zones”—it is vital for other drivers to avoid these blind spots at all costs.

Tractor-trailer No-Zones include:

  • Side No-ZoneIf you are driving next to a tractor-trailer and cannot see the driver’s face in his side mirror, he cannot see you either—which could lead to a serious accident if he has to change lanes.
  • Rear No-ZoneTruck drivers cannot see you if you are following closely behind them. In addition, if you are driving behind a truck, the height of the trailer can make it difficult or impossible for you to see the road ahead.
  • Front No-ZoneNever switch lanes directly in front of a tractor-trailer. Big trucks weigh much more than cars, and if you have to make a sudden stop, the truck might not be able to slow down in time and could rear-end you.
  • Wide Right TurnsTurning right behind a tractor-trailer can be dangerous if you do not give the driver enough room to swing the trailer. Always give right-turning trucks plenty of space, and do not make your turn until the truck driver has completed his turn first.

John Bales Attorneys Can Help You

Sometimes tractor-trailer accidents are unavoidable. If you were injured in a truck accident that was not your fault, John Bales Attorneys wants to fight for your rights to compensation. You can count on us to give your case the full attention it deserves, and we will never leave you in the dark about the progress we are making. Call our tractor-trailer accident lawyers at (800) 225-5564 or fill out a free initial consultation form.