Reminders for Meeting with a Doctor After an Accident 


Tell the truth and be cooperative – your time is important and so is your physicians’ time.  Always work with your doctor to determine the source and cause of pain after injury.  You should mention all ailments, physical and mental, after an accident so that a doctor can help determine the best treatment for you.  When you share information about an accident, general information is best unless it is about any pain or problems you have, the doctor is not a judge.  They are there to help assess the extent of your injuries, not determine who is at fault.

Should an examination become painful, be sure to notify your doctor you do not want to continue that portion of your consultation due to pain which might cause additional injury. Always tell your physician of any activities that you can no longer perform or restrictions in movement that effects your daily life.  Remembering these guidelines will help make your appointment run smoothly and should legal counsel need any information, your doctor will have made a thorough evaluation of your injuries and ailments. Iif you’ve been injured in an auto accident, call John Bales Attorneys at (800) 255-5564. Our auto accident and personal injury law firm is committed to ensuring that each client’s rights and interests are protected under the law. Our team is ready to help, call us before your doctor’s appointment to ensure you have the best guidance.