The Reasons for Recalls and Product Defects

Tampa defective product attorney car seat recallShortly after posting my last article about product defects, another baby product was recalled from the market. This time, it’s a car seat.

Three models of the Evenflo Evolve car seat have been recalled due to concerns that children can loosen the five-point harness that keeps them safe, making the car seat ineffective.

This begs the question, how do product defects happen?

There are numerous ways defects can happen. Here are some reasons each type of defect may occur. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.


Reasons for Product Design Defects

Rushing to Market

Trying to get a product to the consumer quickly can lead to a failure to notice defects in design and creates a dynamic where team members may not speak up if they do notice something.

Not Thoroughly Tested

A company may have failed to conceive of every possible test or to administer all the tests in their arsenal.

Didn’t Consider All of the Possibilities

Sometimes, you just can’t think of everything. Whether there aren’t enough individuals involved on the project or the team has blinders on, they may fail to notice that certain design elements could cause harm.

The latest Evenflo recall seems to be on of the last two reasons. Either the car seats weren’t tested enough to see if a child could easily get out of it, or Evenflo simply didn’t consider that option.


Reasons for Product Manufacturing Defects


A mistake in the manufacturing process can have serious consequences. From contamination to missing pieces, errors can make products unsafe for the public.

Trying to Save Money

In an attempt to save money, some manufacturers may use subpar materials that could contaminate the product in some way, are ineffective for the needs of the product, or are just plain unsafe.

Unauthorized Substitutions

Designers spend time selecting the appropriate materials for the needs of the design. When an unauthorized substitution is made, for whatever reason, it can threaten the safety of the design.


Reasons for Product Marketing Defects

Not Thoroughly Tested

If a product has not been thoroughly tested, those who write the instructions and warnings may not know all of the things can go wrong with use or improper use.

Not vetted or proofread

Warnings and instructions that haven’t been checked or proofread can lead to confusion and misuse among consumers.

Didn’t Consider All of the Possibilities

Sometimes a defect is a mistake of imagination, especially when it comes to instructions and warnings. It’s necessary to think about all the possible ways a person can use an item in order provide the best information for safe usage.

These are just a few reasons that product defects occur. Having a reason, however, in no way justifies the occurrence of a product defect—especially one that leads to serious harm or injury.

Thankfully, the Evenflo recall was not a result of reported injuries and the company is offering a “remedy kit” to help consumers fix the problem.


Injured by a Defective Product? Call a Tampa Defective Product Attorney

Some consumers, however, aren’t so lucky. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury because a defective product, a Tampa defective product attorney can help.

Defective products can cause serious accidents, severely harm consumers, or even be fatal. When companies sell defective products that cause harm, they should be held liable. Consulting with a Tampa defective product attorney can be the first step in holding someone responsible for your injuries and seeking compensation for your medical bills.

If you believe a company or manufacturer is responsible for injuries you sustained while using their product, give us a call so we discuss your claim and help seek the compensation you deserve.