How National Teen Driver Safety Week Aims to Reduce Teenage Involvement in Florida Car Accidents

Florida Car Accident AttorneysAnyone can be affected by a motor vehicle collision, but teenagers seem to be at a much greater risk of involvement in such crashes. Estimates show there were approximately 38,000 teenagers involved in a Florida car accident last year. This number is up from the 30,000 crashes that were reported in 2011.

To help prevent teenagers from getting into accidents, next week has been declared National Teen Driver Safety Week. During that time, numerous events will be held at schools in Florida and across the nation to help educate young people about the dangers driving a motor vehicle can pose. These events include seminars, speeches, and crash dramatizations.

The campaign is a great time to talk to your children about the importance of being a safe driver. One of the easiest lessons to teach your young driver is to operate a vehicle with “C.A.R.E”.

  • Courtesy- Always allow other vehicles plenty of space and adhere to the laws regarding right of way.
  • Attention- Eliminate distractions in the vehicle. Staying alert at intersections and always looking twice in both directions before entering traffic is crucial.
  • Responsibility- Know that you are not only taking a chance with your life when driving a vehicle, but the lives of others around you as well. Treat the privilege of driving with the respect it deserves.
  • Education- Take plenty of time to learn defensive driving techniques. They could save your life.

The Tampa personal injury lawyers with John Bales Attorneys also suggest developing a driving contract with your teen that outlines the rules for driving, which include always buckling up, never drinking and driving, and never driving while distracted.