Motorcycle Accident Resources

Start Here to Learn More about Your Motorcycle Accident.

Do not stay in the dark about motorcycle accidents—use these resources to shed light on things like helmet laws, motorcycle license requirements, and rider training programs in Central Florida and throughout the state.

  • Ridesmart Florida
    Download a PowerPoint presentation showing motorcycle crash trends in Florida—including the number of crashes and injuries that occurred from 2000 to 2010.
  • Florida Motorcycle License
    Update your state motorcycle license, learn about traffic laws, and pay any traffic tickets online at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles website.
  • Florida Motorcycle Roads
    Use this interactive map to find the best motorcycle routes in Florida, including scenic, curvy, and unpaved roads and trails.
  • Florida Rider Training Program
    Find local training centers where you can complete the motorcycle safety course required by Florida law before you ever hit the open road on your bike.
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Motorcycle Helmet Q&A
    Get answers about the effectiveness of motorcycle helmets, whether certain types of helmets are better than others, and the ways that helmets can prevent injuries and save lives.
  • Motorcycle Safety Guide
    Learn about the public health significance of motorcycle crashes, the best way to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle, and how Florida compares to other states in motorcycle crash-related costs.
  • The Hurt Report Summary
    Read the findings of the landmark motorcycle safety study, such as the top causes of motorcycle accidents and the most effective ways for motorcyclists to avoid accidents.