Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

On TV, Flo and the Gecko might seem like they’re your best friends but, is this really the case? Do friends like to take all of your money and leave you empty handed when you’ve just got in an auto accident? If there’s any time you need a friend, it is right now. In fact, insurance companies even like to keep secrets from you. A lot of people have misconceptions that lawyers are the bad guys, but your friendly neighborhood auto accident lawyer is actually your best friend. As your best friend we feel we must fill you in on the secrets others might be keeping from you.

Here are 5 secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know about:

  • Insurance agencies have one goal in mind and that is lying by omission. Lying by omission means keeping information from you. Insurance companies like to do this intentionally in order to get as much money from you as possible.
  • Insurance Agencies have an army of attorneys who are ready to use your words against you. When you tell your auto accident story to insurance companies you may think they just want to hear your story and lend you an ear, but there is a higher purpose. They know all the tricks and companies, sharks
  • Everything insurance agencies say is scripted. When insurance companies give you 3 options of what you could do for your auto accident, they are telling you the options that work best for them. You always have another option.
  • Insurance agencies don’t recommend hiring an auto accident attorney, but you should. You should hire a John Bales Attorney so you can know all your options. By knowing all your options, you could get more money for yourself. John Bales Attorneys don’t get paid unless you do, and most of the time the money is not from your own pocket.
  • You can tell insurance companies to wait. What do you say to insurance companies that do try to contact you? Tell them you have to talk to your lawyer and that you will call them back. The insurance companies can wait for you until you’re ready to tell them your story on your own time. Of course it is important that you do report back in a reasonable amount of time.

Put your trust in the John Bales Attorneys Team and experience the friendship you could never get from your insurance company.