Google Self-Driving Car Could Lead to Fewer Auto Accidents

The new autonomous cars are known as the Google Self-Driving Car

You can say goodbye to drunk driving and fighting with your friends aboutself-driving car who the designated driver (“DD”) is going to be this weekend. Google’s self-driving car has proven to increase driving safety. Surprisingly enough, the autonomous vehicle has been involved in 11 minor accidents to no fault of its own. In each of the minor accident cases, not one self-driving car was responsible for causing the crash. This is incredible considering that Google’s safety drivers drove 1.7 million miles.  

In fact the car accidents occurred because of human error. Everyday drivers create dangerous conditions on the road. A simple solution to make the streets a safer place to drive is for people to pay more attention. We live in the generation of multi-tasking and cellphones. People are so busy responding to a text or surfing the internet they forget to pay attention to what is front of them. The self-driving car pays attention 100% of the time.

There are no blind spots for the car with 360 degrees of visibility. New sensors have been added to the self-driving vehicle that can sense a car or person coming from two football fields away. This ensures even more security on the road. The self-driving car will even wait a moment before driving through an intersection when the light turns green.
driverless car

Those few moments could save a life. It turns out intersections tend to be the most dangerous for drivers. There could be a pedestrian who hasn’t finished crossing the street or a car that has decided to run a red light. Google also discovered that at night drivers are likely to make turns and drive on the wrong side of the street.  Human driving error accounts for 94% of car accidents.

If you take out human error can you avoid auto accidents? Are car accidents an inevitable part of life? Can the roads become safer with the new Google Self-Driving Car? John Bales Attorneys would like to know what you think.