Florida Jury awards $60 in Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuit

drunk driving accident lawsuit

Filing a Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuit can be a difficult decision.


Drunk Driving Lawsuit Lawsuit pays out $60M

Last week a Jury in Florida awarded $60 million in damages for a Drunk Driving Accident. Angela Crowe, the daughter of Joan Antonuccio was paralyzed after a 2003 car crash with a drunk driver. The driver was Isaac Steves, her boyfriend.

About $7 million in damages were awarded for the medical expenses of Crowe. Her mother, Antonuccio, said her daughter spent four months in a coma due to multiple traumatic brain injuries and now lives in an assisted-living facility.

As is so often is the case it is unlikely the entire amount will be recovered, but the jury’s decision will go a long way to help Joan Antonuccio and her daughter.

In 2003, Crowe and her boyfriend were on their way home after a night out in Naples, Florida. According to the lawsuit, a bartender provided drinks to Crowe. This is an issue as she was only 19 at the time and below the legal age.


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Source: http://www.news-press.com/story/news/local/2015/04/21/jury-awards-family-teen-drunk-driving-crash/26156877/