Doctors Make Mistakes Too                                     

Pregnancy should be nothing beyond a time of anticipation and excitement. After 9 tiring months of preparation, celebration, and the exhilaration of the birth itself, there is simply no room for the additional stress caused by mistakes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen, often causing birth injuries, defects, or other complications. Here’s what to watch out for:


Failure to address distress of the child or mother: Monitoring child/mother vital signs is paramount during labor. If either aren’t receiving proper oxygen, this may cause permanent conditions in the child, such as cerebral palsy.


Failure to order a C-section: Planned for it or not, sometimes a C-section is necessary for a healthy delivery to take place. Doctors should be able to identify when a C-section is the right call. If they don’t, birth injuries can be a result.


Improper delivery: Sometimes babies need a helping hand coming through the birth canal. There are a variety of techniques and technologies used to assist in this process. If these methods and tools are misused, they may cause permanent injury to the newborn.


Improper prenatal care: Good in-labor care is as important as prenatal care. It’s vital that doctors perform all the necessary tests and evaluations before birth in order to prevent injuries. Negligence of these sort of examinations may lead to complications.


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