FAQ About Automotive Insurance


Like so many things in our fast paced world, the ins and outs of insurance coverage can be a very convoluted and intricate subject. At John Bales Attorneys, we’d like to help answer ten of the most fundamental questions most people have regarding automotive insurance.

Q: What does auto insurance cover?
A: Automotive insurance covers you, your vehicle, and others involved in a collision.

Q: Are there different types of insurance coverage?
A: Yes, there are different types of insurance coverage. Some of these types include: Bodily Liability, Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive, Collision, and Uninsured and Underinsured.

Q: Is auto insurance mandatory?
A: Yes, automotive insurance is mandatory in every state.

Q: What happens if I don’t have auto insurance?
A: If you get in an accident and you’re uninsured, you could be sued, lose your life’s savings, and go to jail.

Q: How long does it take to file a claim?
A: Filing a claim with your insurance agent takes very little time.

Q: When should I file?
A: Whenever there has been significant damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle involved in a collision, the accident must be reported.

Q: What happens with a property damage claim?
A: It can be difficult to get a clear picture of what is going to happen to your car after it is damaged in a collision.

Q: When can an auto insurance company deny your accident claims?
A: They can deny your claims if they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving recklessly or lied about accident damages.

Q: What happens when my car is totaled?
A: When your wrecked car is beyond repair, the insurance company will consider it a total loss. They will then pay you for the vehicle’s estimated value. However, the estimated value may be less than the loan amount for a new car, meaning you will have to pay the difference.

Q: What if my insurance company offers me a settlement?
A: Never forget that insurance companies are in business to make a profit. This means that it is in their best interest to get you to accept quick settlements that are often insufficient to pay for all your damages. It is wise to take your time in considering an insurance company’s offer, especially if it is offered quickly. This is where the right attorney can be very helpful.


At John Bales Attorneys, we understand how insurance companies operate. We’ve been helping victims of auto accidents across Florida for many years, and we’d love to put our expertise and dedication to work for you. After all, you deserve to receive the maximum compensation you have coming. Give us a call today.