Always See Your Physician After an Accident


Everyone knows the familiar sounds and lights of emergency vehicles leaving the scene of a car accident, but medical analysis and treatment aren’t reserved only for fatal accidents. In fact, it’s recommended everyone see their physician after an accident regardless of whether you seem okay immediately afterward.


That’s because the nature of some symptoms are not immediately recognizable. Concussions, for instance, sometimes take days to notice the effects. Disorientation, dizziness, nausea, and exhaustion are often side-effects of a concussion that take time to show up. Additionally, whiplash takes time to begin inflaming and causing pain.


Just because you don’t see or feel symptoms immediately after a collision doesn’t mean they won’t show up eventually. But when they do, treatment will cost you. For this reason, you should always be examined by a medical professional. If you don’t, insurance companies will likely try to prove your injuries came from a subsequent event or have always been there. Having a timely examination can help you recover physically and financially.


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