10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Law Firm

Hiring a law firm to represent your case should be taken seriously. How do you choose the right law firm for your needs? Legal services are just like any other product, and consumers should conduct thorough research before making a decision. Once you have secured a short list of law firms with expertise in the practice area you need, it’s important interview each one. Most attorney’s will provide an initial consultation at no charge.

Below are 10 questions to ask any law firm that may represent you:

1. How many cases like yours has the law firm handled?

The more the better as this indicates an area of expertise. You will also want to know the track record of success for these cases.

2. Do they have referrals come from satisfied, happy clients?

This is an obvious one. You don’t want to hire a law firm who has had many dissatisfied clients in the past.

3. Will the firm provide written references from past clients?

You can usually find these on the law firm’s website or Facebook page if they don’t have any available on-hand.

4. What are the fees and how are they structured?

Keep in mind a hire fee does not necessarily mean a more qualified law firm.

5. How many people and who will be working on your case?

It’s important to know and create a good working relationship with all involved in your case.

6. Will they consistently inform you of developments in your case?

You don’t want to be kept in the dark about the progress on your case. It’s the responsibility of the law firm to keep you updated on a regular basis.

7. Do they explain in detail or provide written information on how your claim will be handled?

You’ll want to know the step-by-step process of how your case will be handled.

8. Do they provide a Statement of Clients’ Rights?

Read through this and let the firm know if you have any questions or concerns.

9. How long has your assigned attorney been in practice?

You’ll want an attorney with at least a few years of experience depending on how complex your case is.

10. Do the lawyers belong to any trial associations?

If so, this is a good way to gauge whether your attorney is qualified. ExampleNational Trial Lawyers

By asking these questions, you can hire a law firm with the legal skills and personal qualities that will best serve your needs.